Real-Estate Tour Cloud Forest

Real-Estate Tour Cloud Forest Real-Estate Tour Cloud Forest

Real-Estate Tour Cloud Forest

On this tour, we will venture slightly off the coast and journey inland to the cloud forest, exploring some of the most captivating locations and remarkable properties. Our itinerary begins with a coastal drive to Pedernales, nestled on Ecuador’s coast, is home to around 60,000 people.

From there, we will turn inland towards Puerto Quito, where we will spend a couple of days in the charming little area. Puerto Quito is a hidden gem, often overlooked as an expat destination. It boasts breathtaking natural beauty, with pristine rivers and lush forests, offering a glimpse into a tranquil way of life.

Cloud Forest

We’ll explore various properties in this scenic locale before continuing our journey to Mindo, nestled in the enchanting cloud forest. Here, we will spend an additional two days discovering all the attractions this vibrant tourist town has to offer.

From quaint cafes to scenic rivers and captivating jungle canopies, Mindo promises an unforgettable experience. We will also explore numerous properties in this area, providing you with valuable insights into the local real estate market.

By the end of the tour, you will not only gain a deeper understanding of the local culture but also crucial insights into the cost of living and the lifestyle possibilities available to you.

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